Medimind is a private mental health practice in Sydney.

Medimind offers a holistic and nurturing approach, focusing on recovery and sustained wellness. Medimind provides individualised mental health assessments and treatments in a comfortable and confidential environment.

At Medimind we recognise that everyone is different. Our success is based on our commitment to understanding each person’s individual needs and circumstances, and providing an individualised, evidence-based treatment to improve overall well-being.

We offer treatment for most mental disorders from mid-adolescence through to older age. Our team can provide you with psychological therapy as well as medication, where necessary. We work collaboratively with you and your medical team, to develop individualised treatment that feels comfortable and conducive for your needs.

Our psychologists have completed Masters or Doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and have been endorsed by the Psychology Board of Australia to provide clinical psychology services. They are also registered with Medicare to enable you to claim a Medicare rebate where applicable.

Contact our helpful reception staff today on (02) 9639 0055 to book an appointment.